Are we attacking architecture?

Leave no stone unturned. Or, leave no materials unexplored. Doorzon's work demonstrates an idiosyncratic vision of interior design, with a deep knowledge of the profession and a profound effect on the environment. Their unique vision of interiors has manifested itself in recent years in numerous collaborations with architects devylder vinck taillieu, 51N4E, Els Claessens and Tania Vandenbussche, among others.

Working with the architect, directly with the client, or within a large team, is the source of both conflict and creativity. From their experience with large- and small-scale projects, Doorzon will describe the ever-changing role of the interior architect and show where they find opportunities to create an interior that can resist external demands. After the lecture, Susanne Pietsch, architect and lecturer at TU Deft (Interior Buildings Cities), will elaborate on the productive frictions between interior design and architecture, and how the relationship between the two may evolve in the future.

Doorzon interior architects was founded in 2005 by Stefanie Everaert and Caroline Lateur. Since 2016, Stefanie and Caroline have been working as lecturers at KU Leuven where they lead the 'Vraagstukken uit de praktijk' studio. Recent projects include CEGA Coworking SQ Central, the renovation of Theatre for Opera and Ballet in Tirana, and a new scenography for the permanent collection of the Design Museum in Ghent.

lecture series on architecture, urban planning and design

How does slowness manifest itself in space? What does a slow process look like? Can we resist fastness? Can we resist thinking about time and space as a commodity? How to tell a story about slow space? Who are the protagonists (anti-heroes) of this story? Is there a Slow Movement rising? Who are the designers and artists that care about slowness? How do they do it? What is the right slow attitude? The perfect slow setting? Best slow vibes?

PARTNERS: STUK, KU Leuven architecture department, KU Leuven Culture, Existenz / SUPPORT BY: City of Leuven, Flemish government / SPONSORING: FEBELCEM, Vandersanden Group, Media A+ Architecture in Belgium / Graphic design: Buro Bertus

Wed 17 Nov 2021 20:00


College De Valk 01.13 / Tiensestraat 41, 3000 Leuven


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