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Art of Sound #6: Happy Birthday Ludwig Edition

Sixth edition of Art of Sound with experimental music and multimedia performances by pupils from SLAC/Conservatorium Leuven.

The sixth edition of Art of Sound celebrates the 250th birthday of composer Ludwig van Beethoven. What can Beethoven mean for the youngest generation of experimental musicians? How can past and future be united? The students of SLAC/Conservatorium look for a contemporary interpretation of the master's work.

The creative atelier lead by Jasper Vanpaemel is the ever-present cornerstone of the night. This time they are accompanied by SLAC's hobo band, accordeon ensemble, percussion ensemble and sax quartet, lead by Griet Cornelis, Elisabeth Schollaert, Ann Verbinnen, An Lemmens and Gert Meers respectively. The new improvisation class of Maarten Jan Huysmans will also make their debut.

In partnership with SLAC/Conservatorium Leuven

Fri 31 Jan 2020 20:00


STUK Labozaal