Charlemagne Palestine & Seppe Gebruers © Herlinde Raeman
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ARTEFACT SOUND 23 — Charlemagne Palestine & Seppe Gebruers / Holsen & Cassiers / Hans Beckers

ARTEFACT SOUND 2023 ‘The Ecstatic Being’

Musical Sunday afternoon on meditation, improvisation and stillness, featuring living legend Charlemagne Palestine and improviser Seppe Gebruers on four grand pianos.


➤ Sunday 18.06 — 14:00
➤ STUK Soetezaal & STEK & STUK Ateliers
➤ €16 / €12 (STUK card / KU Leuven Culture Card)
➤ STUKcafé & terrace bar open


14:00-19:00 Tom Hannes - X-ED ESSAY (meditation-performance)
STUK Paviljoenenzaal (ongoing) - free

15:00: Holsen & Cassiers
STUK Soetezaal

16:30: Hans Beckers - La Floresta (try-out)
(with Berlinde Deman, Nathan Daems & Indre Jurgelevičiūtė)

18:00: Charlemagne Palestine & Seppe Gebruers
STUK Soetezaal

19:00 end

All shows are with closed doors and without drinks
STUKcafé terrace bar open

Holsen & Cassiers
(live, residency, première)

Norwegian trumpet player Hilde Marie Holsen and Belgian vocalist Lynn Cassiers first met during a residency in 2017. Both have been established names in the European free improvisation scene for years. Mixing acoustic instrumentation with live electronics, they found a common language in whimsical soundscapes that sometimes sound soft and dreamy, other times loud and disruptive. In January 2023, their first album Walking In Circles was released by the label Stroom.

Hans Beckers - La Floresta
With Berlinde Deman, Nathan Daems & Indre Jurgelevičiūtė
(live, residency, try-out)

Sound artist Hans Beckers is looking for silence and focus in La Floresta. Using leaves, stones, sand, shells or water, Beckers travels back to the roots of music, when people used natural elements as sound makers. The relationship between humans, nature and technology is therefore at the heart of this installation performance. How do we experience silence in this technological age? The audience sits in the middle of the work and is invited to listen with focus to detailed sounds we would normally pass by. The result is a meditative soundscape, a musical ritual that sharpens our awareness. Hans Beckers will join musicians Berlinde Deman (Flat Earth Society), Nathan Daems (Black Flower) & Indre Jurgelevičiūtė (Merope) in residence for a week and they perform a tryout.

Charlemagne Palestine & Seppe Gebruers
(live, 4 grand pianos)

A living legend of repetitive music. One of our country's most exciting pianists. Four grand pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart. That is the recipe for the musical fireworks of Charlemagne Palestine and Seppe Gebruers. Palestine, born just after the war in New York, started as a carillonneur opposite the famous MOMA museum and became a mythical figure of minimal music (although he prefers to call himself a 'maximalist') in the 1970s. Gebruers in turn created a furore in the Belgian jazz and improvisation scene with an indomitable sense of adventure and research projects that turn listeners' expectations upside down. With his Playing With Standards, he set to work with two pianos whose tunings differ by a quarter note. Gebruers shares this passion for playing multiple pianos and unusual tunings with Palestine. After their first meeting, it was written in the stars that the two would experiment further. On Artefact, the 'shaman' and the 'professor' perform with no less than four detuned grand pianos. A magical bath of sound.

ARTEFACT SOUND 2023 ‘The Ecstatic Being’

08.06 → 25.06
STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound

After 1,5 years of renovations, STUK reopens its doors with Artefact festival. In addition to the Artefact expo The Ecstatic Being, Artefact Sound offers once again a stage to innovative musicians and sound artists. Inspired by the theme of ecstasy, this edition focuses on escapism, rituals and repetition in music.

Combine this concert with the exhibition Artefact 2023 + Listen to the Artefact podcast Ziel by Audiomakerij Selkie

Sun 18 Jun 2023 14:00


STUK Soetezaal + STEK + Paviljoenenzaal


€16 (standard)
€12 (reduction)