Straatrijk & Collective Dope / Jenna Jalonen

BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you’

Everything in life exists thanks to energy waves. These vibrations create the rhythms that drive us and make our hearts beat. We share the same pace, the same pulse, we are connected through our heartbeat. But what happens when the beat disappears?

BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you’ is the first full-length dance production by Jenna Jalonen, produced by Straatrijk. The performance reflects on the meaning of human behaviour within relationships. Jonas Verwerft, as a b-boy, and Jenna Jalonen, as a contemporary dancer, examine their relations using the dead body partnering method, in which a dancer becomes a ‘deadweight’, as opposed to actively interacting. They play with raw physicality, and use urban and social dance forms as tools for inspiration. Sound artist Adrian Newgent joins them on stage, composing live music in dialogue with the dancers. The result is an incredibly physical, acrobatic, yet intimate duet.

Photos © Joeri Thiry / STUK


Concept and artistic direction Jenna Jalonen (Collective Dope) | Choreography and performance Jenna Jalonen & Jonas Verwerft | Live music Adrien Newgent | Production Straatrijk | Co-production Collective Dope | With the support of De Vlaamse overheid (onder voorbehoud), STUK, Stad Leuven, SIN Culture Centre, Flying Bodies, Trafo, Ultima Vez & Workshop Foundation
Thu 21 Nov 19:00


STUK Studio


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€8 (reduction)

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