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Beyond Music #6: sound performances by Wannes Deneer / Mihalis Shammas / Roxane Métayer / Jérôme Noetinger

Beyond Music is back! We take you on a parcours through the Manhattan along four short sound performances with self made instruments


➤ Thursday 11.05 - 20:00
➤ Studio Manhattan - Kolonel Begaultlaan 21, Leuven
➤ €16 / €12 (STUK card / KU Leuven Culture Card)
➤ To be combined with Els Viaene - Ways Of Seeing Sound / Elise Eeraerts & Roberto Aparicio Ronda (expo)


19:30 doors + bar + expo: Els Viaene - Ways Of Seeing Sound / Elise Eeraerts & Roberto Aparicio Ronda

20:00 part 1:
Wannes Deneer - Speaking Characters
Mihalis Shammas - Lyraei


21:00 part 2:
Roxane Métayer - Appareils Sporophoniques
Jérôme Noetinger

Wannes Deneer - Speaking Characters

In Speaking Characters, Belgian sound artist Wannes Deneer dissects a loudspeaker. In this way, he dives deep into the source of electronic sound. Subsequently he makes his own speakers with recycled materials: paper, cardboard, foil, foam, rubber, aluminium and plastic. The result is an ensemble of self-made and visually very different speakers that are put in motion by the sound vibrations. Together, they function as a unique orchestra.

Concept: Wannes Deneer | Dramaturgy: Marie Peeters | Artistic advice: Meyrem Bayram | Production: Tuning People | Residency: Overtoon | With the support of: the Flemish Government

Mihalis Shammas - Lyraei

Mihalis Shammas is a Cypriot sound artist based in The Hague. He created a unique instrument called 'Lyraei'. This elegant vertical instrument combines aspects of modular electronics and chordophones by making strings vibrate via electromagnetic pulses. Because of the homemade and semi-mechanical character, the results are mesmerizing drones bursting with detailed textural shifts and natural resonances.

“The Lyraei is a drone machine; an instrument for vertical time.” - Mihalis Shammas

Roxane Métayer - Appareils Sporophoniques

Roxane Métayer is a French musician and visual artist living in Brussels. As a violinist-composer, she has released albums with labels like Kraak and Vlek, and played at venues such as Meakusma, Botanique and Les Atelier Claus. Lately Métayer has been increasingly exploring the relationship between her musical and visual practice. She recently created ceramic sound sculptures ('Appareils Sporophoniques') with which she brings installations and performances. In STUK, she wants to explore the connection between live violin, movement and these sound sculptures.

• Jérôme Noetinger

Jérôme Noetinger is a French composer and sound artist active since the 1980s. Like no other, he performs mad improvisations with analogue tape machines, mixing desks, microphones, homemade electronics or household objects. For decades, Noetinger led the organisation Metamkine, which focuses on the distribution of electroacoustic music. He is also active as a curator and writer. His live performances are very intense, physical, unpredictable, sometimes on the edge of danger.


2 weeks of sound art at Manhattan
5.05 → 17.05
Els Viaene, Mihalis Shammas, Roxane Métayer, Wannes Deneer, Jérôme Noetinger, Stijn Wybouw, Diana Duta, Tom Malmendier & Emilie Skrijelj, Florence Cats

Thu 11 May 2023 20:00 - 22:00


  • Kolonel Begaultlaan 21
  • 3012 Leuven


€16 (standard)
€12 (reduction)