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STUK closes its doors and cancels all public events until December 13, as a result of the measures imposed by the Federal Government on October 30, and out of solidarity with everyone fighting COVID-19. All ticket holders will be contacted directly.

Take care, and stay safe.

A small space.
A longing for the other.
Tension fills the box.
Resentful jostling.
Animated laughter.
An explosion of togetherness.
In a box.

Two people find themselves stuck in a confined space, a box. They can’t get away from each other. There is confusion, fear and a sense of unfamiliarity. Gradually they warm to each other, though not without the inevitable tensions, clashes, caresses and emotions. Uneasiness turns to laughter and infectious amusement.

BOKS is a physical production with an original, composed soundscape that is created live, a dance theatre piece about reaching out to someone, about togetherness.

In collaboration with PIEP


Concept, performance Danaé Bosman & Jotka Bauwens | Director & movement advice Karolien Verlinden | Composition & musician Stefan Wellens | Costume design Lies Maréchal | Scenography Oona Sauwens | Set builder Wim Van de Vyver | Light design Zoë Bossuyt & Alain Ongenaet | Technicians Zoë Bossuyt & Hans Rigouts | Artistic support Karel Van Ransbeeck | Production Theater De Spiegel
Thu 5 Nov 2020 11:00 - 11:45
Thu 5 Nov 2020 15:00 - 15:45


STUK Labozaal


1,5 - 5