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Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers

Haitian voodoo trance meets electronic du

➤ STUKcafé
➤ Thursday 14.09 - 21:15
➤ Concert with open doors, drinks allowed.

Chouk Bwa is a Haitian band, deeply rooted in voodoo culture. They play hypnotising polyrhythmic music with percussion and call and response chants in Creole. Frontman Sambaton Dorvial's inspired singing shows the suffering and the never-ending lust for life of the Haitian people. Enter The Ångströmers, a Brussels-based duo that combines spacy electronic sounds with dubby techno. The result is music that you have never heard, traditional and new at the same time. On October 6, their new album Somanti is released on the famous Bongo Joe label (a.o. Altin Gün, Mauskovich Dance Band).

Chouk Bwa replaces Loverman on the line-up of STUK START. Loverman had to cancel his show because he can tour with Tamino - good luck in in Turkey, Loverman, and see you soon!


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