Courtesy of the artist
Johannes Langkamp

Continuous (loco)motion

Discover artist Johannes Langkamp's moving sculptures at various locations throughout the building.

➤ Several rooms in STUK
➤ Ongoing
➤ Thursday 14.09 - 19:00 > 23:00
➤ Friday 15.09 - 19:00 > 23:00

Johannes Langkamp is a maker with the playful eye of a researcher. His kinetic sculptures challenge you to experience space in a different way, and whilst you ‘re at it, question your viewing experience. Whether you dance around Woven Light or 'slide' across Pleased To Meet You.

Courtesy of the artist, Werktank and Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam

With the support of the Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in België.