Lisa Vereertbrugghen

DISQUIET - sensational aesthetics of a technokin (dans)

A pulsating exploration of the connective and transformative power of hardcore techno.

After approaching hardcore techno dancing from her own background through the style of gabber in the pieces Camouflaging Kelly (2014) and SOFTCORE (2018), Lisa Vereertbrugghen continued her research with sound designer Michael Langeder to include other hardcore dance styles, like jungle, drum-‘n-bass and other contemporary hardcore varieties in an attempt to find and activate their common ground. One element that connects these underground substyles besides their high speed is the disruption of the flow with pauses, breakbeats and complex intermittent rhythms. Focussing on these sonic ruptures, pauses and bursts, DISQUIET explores how they can inform and stimulate the body. Dancing hardcore is presented as a break from structure, looking for a disquieted elsewhere.


Residency trailer STUK

Interview Dansmakers van morgen - Dag van de Dag & De Zendelingen


Concept & choreography Lisa Vereertbrugghen | Performance Michael Langeder, Vera Martins, Lisa Vereertbrugghen | Sound Michael Langeder | Lights Vera Martins | Artistic Advice Madison Bycroft | Construction scenography Ian Gyselinck, Simon van Parys | Coproduction December Dance (Cultuurcentrum en Concertgebouw Brugge), Kunstenwerkplaats KWP, STUK, CAMPO, Bit-teatergarasjen | With the support of BUDA, Workshop Foundation, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Workspace Brussels | With the financial support of the Flemish Authorities, Life Long Burning co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
Thu 16 Sep 2021 21:00
Fri 17 Sep 2021 21:00


STUK Soetezaal


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21:00 - 21:50


21:00 - 21:50