fABULEUS / Thomas Vantuycom & Elisabeth Borgermans

Electric Life

Due to delays in STUK's renovation works, this performance is moved to a new location: Manhattan, Kolonel Begaultlaan 21, 3012 Leuven. The dates and times stay the same. All tickets stay valid, ticket holders are contacted directly. More practical info on our spring 2023 programme can be found on this page.

Choreographers Elisabeth Borgermans and Thomas Vantuycom take Stravinsky's masterpiece Petrouchka as a source of inspiration for a new dance creation with nine young people between the ages of 15 and 24. The starting point is not the original ballet version from 1911, but a search for the unexplored worlds in music. Stravinsky's composition is full of contrasts: without transition you go from one atmosphere to another. This directness is typical of modern man at the beginning of the last century, when electricity and machines changed the urban landscape and energised life in every sense. Electric Life finds out what place our body still has in our digitised life.


Choreography Elisabeth Borgermans and Thomas Vantuycom | Dance Nolan Decreton, Lauryn De Ruyck, Kiko Labarque-Persyn, Celien Mertens, Louis Staquet, Annabel Van Acker, Tess Van der Sanden, Maïté van Genugten and Lennert Vanhove | Music Igor Stravinsky, Alain Franco and Raphaël Hénard | Musical dramaturgy Alain Franco | Costumes Alexandra Sebbag | assistance costumes Nina Souquet and Tommie Yanez | Light Kurt Lefevre | Production fABULEUS | Co-production Perpodium, Brussels Philharmonic, Concertgebouw Brugge en STUK Leuven | With the support of the city of Leuven, the Flemish Government and the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government | music with the permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited
Sat 22 Apr 2023 20:30
Sun 23 Apr 2023 16:00


  • Kolonel Begaultlaan 21
  • 3012 Leuven


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