Erik Thys

'Extase, kunst en psychische kwetsbaarheid ' (Lessen voor de 21ste eeuw)

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The link between creativity and psychic vulnerability, suspected since ancient times, is supported by recent research. It is seen as a link between artistic creativity and vulnerability in the continuum between psychosis and bipolar disorder. This includes states of mind consistent with what is called 'ecstasy' in cultural, religious and other social contexts. So where is the boundary between psychopathology and these contexts?

In his 'Les voor de XXIe eeuw' prof. Erik Thys explores the relationships between other forms of consciousness and creativity, psychic vulnerability and art. The lectures is part of the festival programme of the 2023 edition of Artefact, which opens on June 8 in the renovated STUK building.

Prof Erik Thys is a psychiatrist at UPC KU Leuven, PSC St.-Alexius Elsene, and guest lecturer within KU Leuven. He is also chairman of the non-profit organisation KAOS (art and psychiatry) and author (including psycho-educational comics and "Psychogenocide, psychiatry, art and mass murder under the Nazis"). He wrote his PhD on the link between creativity and psychopathology linked to stigma.

: Anneleen Masschelein

Lessen voor de XXIste eeuw

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