Philosophy Festival : Through failure and resurrection

With Jacques Rancière, Dirk De Wachter, Indra Struyven, Walter Weyns, Barbara Raes, Jan Dirk Baetens, Celia Groothedde Ledoux, Peter Venmans, Pieter Adriaens, Yves Petry, Ann Meskens, Thomas Decreus, Matthias Somers and many others.

'Everything of value is defenceless,' wrote Lucebert. The Feast of Philosophy this year considers the human as walking a tightrope between a successful or failed life. It focuses on the human condition's vulnerability and frailty and the eternal bumbling and failure of our lives. Traditionally, failure is understood as a deficit, a weakness, or the inverse of fame and success.

'What does not kill me makes me stronger,' said Friedrich Nietzsche. Failures in our personal lives, but also in science, art and culture can lead to growth, innovation, creativity, new developments and unseen opportunities. 'Through failure and resurrection' the human always tries to overcome themselves in order to do better again.

Why is there such a taboo about failure and vulnerability? We reflect on the place of vulnerability, fragility and failure in everyday life but also in art, literature and science.

French philosopher Jacques Rancière gives the opening lecture in Aula Andreas Vesalius at 13.30. From 16.00 at STUK, the topic continues in panel discussions and lectures followed by Frederik Croene's Cul-de-sac concert and a film. Discussions continue in the STUKcafé.


Opening lecture Jacques Rancière (in English) – The Politics of Landscape (Aula Vesalius)

15:00 - 16:00
Coffee break (STUKcafé)

Barbara Raes, Katrien Schaubroeck, Peter Venmans en Walter Weyns – De bluts met de buil: een debat over menselijke kwetsbaarheid (STUK Auditorium)
Dirk De Wachter, Indra Struyven, Jens De Vleminck – No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. (STUK Soetezaal)
Jan Dirk Baetens – Mislukking en middelmaat: naar een kunstgeschiedenis van losers en mediocriteit (STUK Labozaal)

17:15 - 18:15
Yves Petry en Ann Meskens – Het falen van idealen (STUK Auditorium)
Thomas Decreus, Matthias Somers en Tim Christiaens – Filosofie in een geel hesje (STUK Soetezaal)
Pieter Adriaens – Over ziekten en andere ongemakken (STUK Labozaal)

16:00 – 18:15
Workshop Filosoferen met kinderen (STUK Verbeeckzaal)

18:15 – 20:00
Diner in STUKcafé

Frederik Croene – Cul-de-Sac (STUK Soetezaal)
Film Gattaca + inleiding Celia Groothedde Ledoux (Cinema ZED STUK)

Sat 6 Apr 2019 13:30


Aula Vesalius
  • Andreas Vesaliusstraat 11
  • 3000 Leuven


Aula Vesalius



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