Philosophy Festival : Entangled Lives

Due to COVID, the Philosophy Festival cannot take place in its normal shape for the second time in a row. But there will be a shorter, free edition of the 2021 Festival on April 29, with a lecture by biologist and historian Merlin Sheldrake.

When we think about nature, oftentimes we imagine fauna and flora, long walks in the forest, and nature films about different corners of our planet. Inevitably, the image of human damage to nature looms large. On the one hand we confine it to an area the size of a postage stamp, and on the other we are faced with extreme temperatures and devastating natural disasters . What if we tried to adopt a radically different relationship with life on earth? In this lecture, biologist and historian Merlin Sheldrake will discuss his research on fungi, a form of life that is intertwined with everything surrounding us. The study of this neglected realm of organisms has far-reaching implications for our understanding of what nature is and how we humans relate to it. These and other philosophical questions are central to a reflection on what we can learn from fungi.

The evening will begin with the lecture by Merlin Sheldrake, followed by a response by Kristien Hens (UA) and a Q&A between the author and Liesbeth Schoonheim (KU Leuven). The event will be English-spoken, but subtitled in Dutch.

Lecture in English with Dutch subtitles.

Free with compulsory registration.

Everyone who registered will receive the zoom link mid April.

Thu 29 Apr 2021 20:00