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Etienne Guilloteau / Action Scénique


Inspired by the figure of Antigone, Etienne Guilloteau creates a solo about resistance. Antigone is the epitome of the tragic battle; she listens to her conscience rather than obeying the law.

FEU is a dance performance of an unequal battle. The talented Argentinean dancer Cecilia Lisa Eliceche offers resilience to the live music of Zwerm: an electric guitar quartet that connects the rigour of classic compositions with an experimental pop and rock attitude. The quartet represents the choir, the dancer the ‘hubris’. Not in opposition to the gods or fate, but against the laws of the people and the power of tyrants. FEU talks about an internal struggle within ourselves: the struggle between passion and reason and the traces of the myth in all of us.

The performance will be followed by a moderated discussion by Pieter T'Jonck (in English).



choreography etienne guilloteau | dance cecilia lisa eliceche | live music zwerm | light hans meijer | sculpture jean-loup leclercq | costumes anne-catherine kunz | production action scénique
Tue 20 Oct 2015 20:30


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