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followfollow is a dance production about following and followers. About inspiring, copying and imitating. About fashion that appears, disappears and returns. About keeping pace and countermovements. About selfies and the latest TikTok challenges. About giving thumbs-up and giving hearts. About group and peer pressure. About chasing your heart and trying to be yourself in a world full of contradictions. About searching for identity.

Choreographer and performer Koen De Preter has a long career at fABULEUS. He created the solo piece Les mots ... toujours les mots bien sûr (2004), the youth production .White.Muted.Crash. (2005) and the duet We dance to forget (2007) which toured for more than six seasons in eleven different countries. For his latest fABULEUS production followfollow, Koen works with a group of young people between 13 and 21 years old.


choreography Koen De Preter | with Natan Bex, Sari Blauwet, Emmanuel Boakye, Yanna Lambaerts, Noah Meulemans, Naya Mbayo, Ilias Tallon, James Van Cauwenberghe, Louise van Genugten, Alex Van Speybroek and Miro Ver Elst | artistic coaching Nienke Reehorst | rehearsal director Katja Pire | Dramaturgy Peter Anthonissen | Light design Fudetani Ryoya | costumes Marie Dries | Production fABULEUS | Co-production STUK and Perpodium | With the support of the city of Leuven, the Flemish Government and the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government
Fri 30 Sep 2022 20:00




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