Dance   /   Performance
Vincent Glowinski, Jean-François Roversi & Piloot


Vincent Glowinski aka graffiti legend Bonom dances and paints with his body in an immersive audiovisual experience.

➤ Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 March 2022 - 20:30
➤ Duration: 50 min.
➤ Hal 5, Diestsesteenweg 104, 3010 Kessel-Lo. Entrance via Locomotievenstraat.
➤ Accessibility : The venue is accessible for people using a wheelchair.

“L’immonde is immense. L’immonde is everything what the world isn't. It's everything beneath the surface, below the apparent and outside of light: beneath the earth, at the bottom of the sea, under the skin, ... L'immonde refers to the depth of things, the mystery.
I See it as a function of painting: digging up what is hidden, yet very present. Painting wants to show what we want to forget or isn't known yet. A new war has broken out and images arise. The images we chase away return, and so do the bodies."
Vincent Glowinski

In Brussels, Vincent Glowinski a.k.a. graffiti artist Bonom is a living legend. Since 2006 he leaves his traces in the city with monumental drawings on the most absurd locations. For Glowinski, everything that comes before the finished drawing is dance: climbing, working with ropes, painting - every movement is choreographed.

Driven by a passion for breakdance and hip hop from his teenage years and his talent for movement, he has moved his actions to the stage in recent years. In dance and drawings he explores images that haunt the collective imagination.

Immonde is an installation performance where you can see Glowinski 'painting' with his body, custom made to every location it is presented in. Together with Paris-based photographer Jean-François Roversi he makes video simulations that project his movements live on a gigantic canvas. Every line drawn on the screen is but an emanation of the dancer's movements. Glowinski dances and paints at the same time, without pencil or paintbrush but with the impulse of his muscles. His subtle movements, the rolling and shaking of his body and the sometimes tribal dance create dream-like visions with an incredible precision. The anatomy of the image arises spontaneously and accentuates the physical beauty of this elusive artist. Immonde is an immersive experience, with a live score by the musicians of Piloot.


Concept Vincent Glowinski | Video creation & Human Brush software Jean-François Roversi | Live music Piloot - Florian Guibert (flute), Cyrille de Haes (double bass), JP De Gheest (drums) | Sound Fabien Leseure | Production Pierre-Laurent Boudet - Entropie Production | In collaboration with STUK | Human Brush was developed with the support of Ultima Vez, Les Brigittines, Cinéma Nova, KunstenFestivalDesArts, Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek
Wed 23 Mar 2022 20:30
Thu 24 Mar 2022 20:30


Hal 5


€14 stanard
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