Kaïn Walgrave


“The starting point of [Walgrave’s] research is irrational, but his working method is meticulously organized and precise. At every step, the artist wishes to structure, analyse and archive his investigations. Time and again, new questions arise and complexity increases. (...). Our mind desires to live in a world that we can more or less grasp, but our curiosity pushes us forward. The paradox of the archive (...) is a metaphor for [our] quest for knowledge (...).”
2018 – Filip Luyckx (vertaling Karen Verschooren)

Installation shots © Kristof Vrancken

Kaïn Walgrave is a visual artist fascinated by materials and materials research, and by the connections that have grown to exist between his works. In a myriad of ways his paintings, prints and drawings are interlinked through research questions and/or material use. The multiple cross-connections form a complex web, an idiosyncratic world. This universe - in the form of a work archive - is an intrinsic part of Walgrave’s practice. Every image in the archive can be understood as a ‘snapshot’, an image captured in time that holds in it a series of other images, already existing and future ones.

In his exhibition in STUK, Walgrave searches for a way to open up this dynamic universe of his: how do you linearly present something which is in essence rhizomatic? How do you start an endeavour destined to fail?

Since the Fall of 2017, Cas-co and STUK work together on a presentation platform for visual artists whereby the work of Cas-co residents (N+1 & STUDIO) is on view in STUKcafé in a series of curated solo presentations.

Kaïn Walgrave
(°1990, Leuven)

Kaïn Walgrave is a visual artist whose practice largely results in paintings, prints, books and drawings. In his work, he expresses a strong fascination for the interplay between materials - paint, resin, glue, solvents, cloth and paper - which he sets out to interact in a series of well-considered physical and chemical processes. Walgrave collects his work together with tests, photos, objects and text materials in a living archive, constantly challenging the limits of its own structuring.

Kaïn Walgrave studied at the LUCA School of Arts, Brussels. He lives in Schaarbeek, Brussels and works in Leuven, where he resides in the Cas-co studio’s.


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