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KNAL! Antoine De Schuyter - DECADES

Musician and video artist Antoine De Schuyter goes in search of the origin of existence in his audiovisual show DECADES

Antoine De Schuyter is a Brussels-based video and sound artist. His audiovisual dome show DECADES is a trip through the cosmos and the big bang via image and sound. The evolution of textures, shapes and sounds tells an abstract narrative that recalls the different stages of existence. From womb to tomb, with its crises and lulls. The sound universe oscillates between drone, ambient and techno.

Live concert with 360° visuals at 8:30 p.m. (45’)

Seated concert with closed doors. Don’t be late; latecomers will be denied entry.

Practical info:

  • Location: The Dome, Martelarenplein, Leuven
  • All performances use 360° projection and surround sound. Watch out for flashing images and loud music. We will provide earplugs at the reception in the small dome.
  • Latecomers cannot enter once the concert has started. Be on time.
  • It’s strictly forbidden to take pictures or make videos during the performances. Turn off your mobile phone or put it in airplane mode.
  • Hungry or thirsty? Drop by one of the many bars or restaurants at the Martelarenplein.
  • Waiting list sold out shows: Extra tickets might be made available once the festival has started, depending on the specific setup of the venue. Keep an eye on our website and socials. You can also try the evening waiting list: register at the reception of the dome at 7pm. No guarantee, but worth the try.
  • A Covid Safe Ticket (CST) and valid ID are required to access the BANG! Dome and the BANG! Planetarium Music Festival. Find out more about the CST. Everybody aged 10 and older is required to wear a face mask at all time.
  • Questions? Mail to ticket@stuk.be

Combine this with KNAL! 360° Videos: Actress & Actual Objects / Joanie Lemercier

➤ 19:00 (30’)
➤ Tickets: €5

Part of KNAL! Planetarium Music Festival, a cosmic music festival with audiovisual concerts & films in an immersive dome at Martelarenplein with Ólafur Arnalds, Actress, Stockhausen, Hydrogen Sea, ...

Sat 27 Nov 2021 20:30


The Dome - Martelarenplein, Leuven


€14 (standard)
€10 (reduction)