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Le Motel & Antoine De Schuyter

Versatile beatmaker Le Motel and video artist Antoine De Schuyter join forces for an audiovisual trip beyond category.

On our left hand side: producer-composer Fabien Leclercq aka Le Motel, known for his collaboration with a.o. Roméo Elvis and Clap! Clap! On our right hand side: video artist and visual artist Antoine De Schuyter, who gained fame with videos and vj sets for Venetian Snares and Plaid. Together, the Brussels-based duo put together an audiovisual live show where sound and image are equals, blending together both practices. Through ingenious software, video impacts sound (and vice versa) entirely live - no pre-programmed show! The eclectic rhythms of Le Motel’s latest album Transiro and De Schuyter’s disruptive pixel manipulation seamlessly flow into one psychedelic entity.

Thu 24 Sep 2020 22:30
Fri 25 Sep 2020 22:30


STUK Labozaal



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This performance is part of STUK START.
Tickets are to be purchased beforehand, 1 order for 1 bubble.

Duration: 45'