LOSD: toonmoment intermedia LUCA School of Arts

Third edition of the Interdisciplinary collaboration between students visual arts and music at LUCA School of Arts.

In collaboration with met LUCA Muziek - Campus Lemmens & LUCA Sint-Lukas

Image explores sound; tone investigates form; students meet one another. An encounter leads to mutual inspiration and co-creation, but as well to contrast and dialogue. In searching two art-forms blend into an interdisciplinary entity of audiovisual performances and installations. Intermedia brings together students of both the visual arts and the musical department at the LUCA School of Arts in an interdisciplinary context. Students are exposed to creative strategies in other disciplines and learn to question and broaden their own artistic work, to adopt new attitudes and to apply them in their own artistic practice.

Wed 19 Dec 2018 20:00


STUK Labozaal


presale €8 / at the door €12