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Loverman / Daisy Ray (sold out)

Double release show of two groundbreaking Leuven-born artists.


20:00: doors + Elvira (dj)
20:30: Daisy Ray
20:55: Daisy Ray invites Loverman
21:15: pause + Elvira (dj)
21:30: Loverman (feat. Daisy Ray)
22:30: Elvira (dj)
00:00: end


➤ Tuesday 30.04 - 20:00 (sold out)
➤ STUK Labozaal - Naamsestraat 96, Leuven
➤ €14 / €10 (STUK card / KU Leuven Culture card / -19)
➤ Standing show with bar and open doors.

• Daisy Ray

Femke Fredrix performs on stage as Daisy Ray. In her musical universe of sound, text and performance, she brings together club culture, storytelling and nursery rhymes. To Daisy, being together through and with music is a way to share, care and love, to fight, to break free and to reinvent ourselves. After three years of spontaneous DIY online releases, Daisy is now releasing an album on the Athens label Heat Crimes. The result is a compilation of studio work and live songs recorded between 2019 and 2023, carefully co-curated by Greek-Armenian ethnomusicologist and filmmaker Arlen Dilsizian.

• Loverman

Loverman is the alter ego of Wijgmaal-born musician and singer James De Graef. In recent years he has made a name for himself with wicked space rock band Shht and the experimental pop duo Partners (together with Daisy Ray). All that time, he also wrote songs with nothing but an old acoustic guitar, resulting in stripped-down love songs, recorded with little means somewhere on a roof. The influence of modern troubadours such as Brel, Walker and Cohen is clearly there, but Loverman also cites crackling electronica like Burial, his British-Belgian identity and the tv show The Singing Detective. Expect a theatrical live show from a pure performer, with a special place for silence and the unexpected. But most of all: expect a formidable deep and raw voice that grates and grips.

• Elvira

The French-Brussels artist and DJ Elvira is an all-terrain artist and dj. She makes electro-acoustic music and sound design for dance or visual art, but as a DJ she also feels at home in moisty clubs and on the internet airwaves of Kiosk or Lyl Radio. From liquid-bass over bubble-dub to psychoacoustic rhythms: Elvira's set will put the room on fire after Loverman.

Loverman © Elise Dervichian

Tue 30 Apr 2024 20:00


STUK Labozaal


sold out