Maarten Vanermen

Cas-co and STUK are proud to announce a new collaboration concerning the presentation of young artists. Indeed, from November 9th onwards, the work of Cas-co residents (N+1 & STUDIO) will be on view in STUKcafé in a series of curated solo presentations.

Visual artist Maarten Vanermen (°1986) will be presenting a new work, in which a live feed tracks the changing aerial views above STUK, streaming them into a two-fold video feed: alongside the original gradient of the sky, a digital gradient is created in real-time. The work untitled stackings, a series of prints created based on the same principles, completes Vanermen’s solo presentation in STUKcafé.

Maarten Vanermen
(°1986, Leuven)

An explicit fascination for (the perception of) light, space and time are what inspires the visual work of Maarten Vanermen. In an attempt to understand and re-create/re-interpret these processes, Vanermen combines both analogue and digital media; old TL-lamps, beamers, high-tech as well as discarded audiovisual materials. He thus creates an almost visual dissection of the topics and themes that surround him.

Vanermen received an MA from LUCA Brussels and completed the Transmedia postgraduate program, Brussels. He lives in Schaarbeek and works in Leuven.

Pictures © Joeri Thiry / STUK

Thu 9 Nov 2017 19:00 - Sun 17 Dec 2017





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Opening Th 9 Nov 2017