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Martin Kohlstedt + OUTER

German piano madman brings intimate solo compositions in his inimitable expressive style of playing.


The German piano virtuoso Martin Kohlstedt creates utterly personal keyboard compositions with electronic side steps, triggering the press to label him as ‘the next Nils Frahm’. What makes Kohlstedt especially so unique, is the energy and intensity with which he embodies his melodies live. Like a maniac he balances between quasi-silence and nimble-fingered virtuosity, without avoiding human imperfection and unpredictability. At STUK, Kohlstedt will present his last album Strom (2017), which was also the occasion for a biographical documentary by Patrick Richter.

Support will be the Belgian quartet OUTER, who in their own words makes ‘sunday night music’. Their filmic first single Eyja was featured on Radio 1 and is the ideal soundtrack for a melancholic round trip through Iceland. Their first EP comes out on September 28th.

For fans of Nils Frahm, Hauschka and Peter Broderick.

This concert is a collaboration between STUK and 30CC.

Tue 9 Oct 2018 20:00


STUK Labozaal

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This is a seated concert