CAMPO /  Louis Vanhaverbeke


In MIKADO REMIX, Louis Vanhaverbeke explores the limits of normality. The urge to be normal results from desiring social inclusion rather than our internal thoughts. We want to belong, become part of a group, and be accepted. At the same time, more than ever before, importance is attached to the individual: each of us wants to be special and unique. Louis Vanhaverbeke uses this tension as a starting point.

We create solitary confinement cells, prisons and schools, but don’t these constructions endanger our freedom and personality? Freely referring to the notion of ‘capsular thinking’, Louis Vanhaverbeke’s DIY constructions form a spatial translation of the human urge to limit the normal. He stuffs the scene with barriers, storage boxes and a fuse box. While dancing, assembling and beatboxing, he seeks out escape routes from that which bothers him. With a healthy dose of self-awareness, he opens doors where previously were only walls.


by & with louis vanhaverbeke | dramaturgy dries douibi | videography freek willems | light & sound bart huybrechts | production campo | co-production kunstenfestivaldesarts 2018, beursschouwburg & le phénix, scène nationale valenciennes, european creative hub | residentiesteun malpertuis tielt, pact zollverein essen, grand theatre groningen, de grote post oostende, arc - artist residency romainmôtier; kunstenwerkplaats pianofabriek brussel
Tue 9 Oct 20:30 - 19:37
Wed 10 Oct 20:30 - 19:37


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