Herbestemming Zaal Harmonie tot Districtshuis in Antwerpen (ism AKT)

RE-ST replaces Baubüro in situ / Zirkular (CH)

Programme change Auditorium 22/23

Due to medical reasons, speaker Christoph Müller of Baubüro in situ / Zirkular cannot travel and won't make it on October 26.
As a result, two lectures will switch dates: Baubüro in situ / Zirkular en RE-ST. Please find the new dates below.

26.10.2022: RE-ST (BE) replaces Baubüro in situ / Zirkular
03.05.2023: Baubüro in situ / Zirkular (CH) replaces RE-ST

Tickets for both lectures stay valid for the new dates. If you wish to cancel your ticket, please send an e-mail to ticket@stuk.be. If you need more information, please call STUK at 016 320 325.

Residu / Residueren

– reflection by Chris Poulissen

RE-ST is an architecture and research studio founded in 2010 by Dimitri Minten and Tim Vekemans and recently expanded with Bob Van Abbenyen and Evy Bouwen. Their workplace is located in the centre of Antwerp, where they, with a team of 12 architects and researchers, search for answers to urgent and complex spatial issues. Through projects and research processes, RE-ST seeks critical insights and visions of the remaining built and open space. Their thesis is that not every spatial need necessarily leads to a new building: 'The most sustainable building is the one that does not need to be built.'

In 1968, architecture critic Geert Bekaert asked: 'Why still architects?' He put his finger on what RE-ST feels like the key urgency that dominates our daily architectural practice today: naming the real needs of people and community. It is the architect's priority to make the community aware of its need for an adequate living environment. This perspective is the driving force behind RE-ST's design efforts, that leads to the formulation of new challenges and design briefs.

RE-ST is active in building and non-building, ranging from designing, repurposing and restoring buildings, study and master planning, optimisation of the building programme, multiple programming, to designing public spaces. The research into the gains of not building in 2014 was a first search for a conscious resistance to building, and also inspiration for several design processes of current architectural projects. In 2020, Wanderspace / Zwerfruimte (©2020, NAi publisher) was published, describing in detail the methodology for detecting and dealing with the under-utilization of space.

Reflection by Chris Poulissen | Chris Poulissen is an architect and manager at NP-Bridging (Ney Poulissen). NP-Bridging believes in an integrated approach to social issues that arise within complex infrastructure projects in combination with large-scale architecture and construction assignments. This approach is based on the conviction that infrastructure, landscapes and urban planning, as well as the spatial context and immediate surroundings of a construction site, should be designed, built and experienced as one coherent whole. Poulissen is also founder of Citibee, an initiative that is building an interconnected network of sustainable urban mobility hubs.

Herbestemming Zaal Harmonie tot Districtshuis in Antwerpen (ism AKT)

Lecture series on architecture urbanism and design
Curator: RE-ST architects

Can we design with what has already been used? Can we avoid discarding things that are still valuable? Can we reconsider what we value? Can we restore what is physically and/or mentally deteriorated? Can we determine the opposite of waste? Can we be satisfied with enough? Can we assume that everything is finite? Can we, by looking further back, become more forward-looking?

26.10 @ Hal 5 Locomotievenpad Leuven / 16.11 @ College De Valk Aula Zeger Van Hee Tiensestraat 41 Leuven / other lectures @ STUK Naamsestraat 96 Leuven

ticket@stuk.be | 016 320 320

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Wed 26 Oct 2022 20:00


Hal 5


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