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Avant-pop trio mixes repetitive rhythms, ritualistic flutes and a hint of theater.

➤ STUKcafé
➤ Friday 15.09 - 22:00
➤ Concert with open doors, drinks allowed.

Sergeant is the avant-pop band of singer-searcher-actor Ferre Marnef and composing filmmaker Benjamin Cools, assisted live by Geraldine Vanspauwen (Lazzaro). For a long time, they existed only as a live band, but now they have gathered their samples and compositions into a self-titled debut album on Ostend label STROOM (by Ziggy Devriendt a.k.a. Nosedrip, also performing on STUK START). The result: a mix of post-punk, krautrock, 70s references and sound collages. Ritualistic flutes pass by, Ferre Marnef's vocals are expressive and unpolished, repetitive rhythms drive the whole thing forward. A busy and chaotic mix that refers to the metropolis in which Sergeant is based: Brussels.