Shaping Saferspaces: A Guided Workshop

Welcome to the workshop of "Shaping Saferspaces"

During the guided workshop, we will explore the physicality of a space and try to transform it into a safer one through the use of different materials, discussions and practical creative work.For the reopening of STUK at Naamsestraat and especially their newly built "Off-space", it is important to gather ideas about what it means to arrange a space in a safe(r) way. The gathering of ideas doesn't only happen through discussion and input but also through direct creative practical work.
Joining us for this workshop are Chora-members Michiel Wouters and Nathan Kolenberg, who specialize in the topic of safe(r) spaces in the field of architecture and scenography.Together, we will work with common materials such as collage and ropes to re-imagine space through organizing an organic "flow". Additionally, participants will work on a miniature model of the newly built "Off-space" in which several nightlife events will take place after the reopening of STUK.

The workshop itself will take place from 14:00 until 18:00 in Studio Manhattan at Vaartkom.
STUK kindly invites us to have dinner and stay for their evening program after that (both free of charge for participants).

14:00 Introduction
15:00 Discussion and division into groups
15:30 Creative practice
17:30 Showcase of ideas
18:00 Dinner (catering by STUK)
20:00 Concert: In Vitro 5: Nadah El Shazly, Maria Rasa, Moogy Maserati (dj)

Sat 1 Apr 2023 14:00


  • Kolonel Begaultlaan 21
  • 3012 Leuven


FREE — reservation required (max. 15 participants)