Julian Weber

sight seeing

Fear of invisibility is prominent in our digitised world. The influence of humankind in our tangible world has, in contrast, recently come to be profoundly visible, whereby humanity itself has become a geological force. This point of view is used to destabilise the anthropocentric perspective and to investigate the vulnerability of a multidimensional physicality.

In sight seeing, a figure lives in a white, one-dimensional world, looking for amusement and her/his own origins. In this space, at once forming a theatrical cage, the desktop of a computer and a comic strip, sight seeing navigates between the humane and the inhuman. In dialogue with musician Lynn Suemitsu, Julian Weber establishes a temporary living space, and invites the spectator to engage in ‘sight seeing.’


Choreography, dance, stage Julian Weber | Music, performance Lynn Suemitsu | Stage Jonas Maria Droste | Light Emilio Cordero Checa | Comic, performance Pierre Marie Besse | Performance Olivia McGregor | Costume Don Aretino | Production, outside eye David Eckelmann | Production Juan Gabriel Harcha | Support Hauptstadtkulturfonds | Co-production workspacebrussels/Life Long Burning with support by the European Culture Programme and Tanzfabrik Berlin in the frame of apap – Performing Europe 2020, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
Sat 16 Nov 2019 21:00


STUK Studio


Standard €10 • Reduction €6