Koen De Preter

Solo Night

Despite a positive evaluation by the assessment committee, Koen De Preter did not receive project subsidies from the Flemish Government for his new creation Tender Men. He is forced to postpone the production to next season.

This season, as a replacement for Tender Men, we present an evening curated by Koen De Preter with four short performances: two by Koen De Preter himself, and two by closely related artists who shared the stage with him in recent years.

Tickets for Tender Men stay valid for the Solo Night. They are not valid for the new dates of Tender Men, since there is not new date yet. If you prefer a refund, please contact the ticket office of the house you bought your tickets from: STUK Reception ( or the 30CC ticketing office. Ticket holders will be contact personally as well.

In Solo Night choreographer Koen De Preter brings together four short performances. Next to a rework of his own debut Les mots ... toujours les mots bien sûr from 2004, he presents the solo Blade Racer, created last year for Theater Stap performer Peter Janssens.

Also on the bill are works by two closely related artists that have joined the stage with Koen: Basque artist Maria Ibarretxe and the 94 years old Swedish-French dancer Alphea Pouget.

Koen De Preter & Theater Stap - Blade Racer

(20. min incl. audience entrance)

© Ruben Swannet

Blade Racer is both a concert performance and a dance solo. By, for and with Peter Janssens. Incredible Peter. As a master of ceremony he takes in into his world and the fitting sound score. The title refers to one of the sounds coming from the synth he plays. His alter ego knows you to stun you time and again. He dances in the moment. He reaches his hand.

After the group performance To Belong (2006), Blade is the second collaboration between Koen De Preter and Theater Stap. Blade Racer was created as part of Het Kraakpand, a festival concept of Theater Stap, focusing on people with a mental disability.

Choreography Koen De Preter
Dance Peter Janssens
Music Koen De Preter & Peter Janssens
Production Theater Stap

Koen De Preter - Les Mots (17')

© Lore Sannen

A stilled performance set to music by Leo Ferré; a work of introversion with minimalistic movements and explosive accents.
Les Mots is a rework of Koen De Preter's first solo performance Les mots ... toujours les mots bien sûr, created in 2004 for Young Blood (Kortrijk) and Prefab (Leuven). The performance was selected for the 2004 Theater aan Zee Festival's International Young Makers Marathon and was shown in Ostend, Bilbao, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Paris and Amsterdam.

Dance & concept Koen De Preter
Music Il n’y a plus rien, Léo Ferré (Live à Montreux 1973)
With the support of fABULEUS

Maria Ibarretxe - Choreographic study about the end of things (+/-20')

Choreographic study about the end of things is a long-running research project and choreographic installation performance that invites the audience into an intimate landscape. Maria Ibarretxe wonders how we process transience and finite events in our life. In this project she creates a space for vulnerability, doubt and change. As a part of her research, Ibarretxe focuses on Korean and Japanese funeral rituals and she investigated concepts of Wabi-sabi and Ichi-go ichi-e.

Maria Ibarretxe is an allround artist and feminist. Her work is situated between choreography, visual arts, film, music and theater. Together with Koen De Preter she created We dance to forget (fABULEUS, 2007) and While things can change (Circuit X, 2011).

Concept & performance Maria Ibarretxe
With the support of Bilbaoarte (Bilbao), SeMa Nanji Recidency (Seoul), Tenjinyama Art Studio (Sapporo)

Rien, rien du tout, rien et tout, rien est tout, rien (12')

The solo Rien is a dance set to the music of La jeune fille et la mort by Schubert, performed by the now 94 year old dancer Alphea Pouget. The birth of movement lives on through the rhythm of another breath, a slow dance that let perception wander to an inner world of precision and beauty.

When Koen De Preter saw Alphea Pouget's solo Rien at the festival Les Inattendus in France, he was heavily moved. Their meeting led to the creation of the duet J o u r n e y in 2012.

Choreography & dance Alphea Pouget
Music La jeune fille et la mort, Schubert

Wed 22 Jan 2020 20:30
Thu 23 Jan 2020 20:30


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