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STUFF. - T(h)reats / MIMI (dj)

Belgium's finest live band performs its third album live for a limited audience.


20:00 doors
20:00 M I M I (dj)
21:00 STUFF.
22:30 end

Standing concert / open doors / bar inside the venue

The five-piece collective STUFF. has become such a household name on the Belgian music scene that they have become synonymous with a musical genre: instrumental grooves with leapfrog rhythms, futuristic bleeping, fat bass lines and repetitive melodic patterns. Or as the leading magazine Jazz Standard puts it, "If an energy drink could make music, it would sound like STUFF." Live, this bunch of misfits is truly bursting with energy as they unfold their compositions through long improvisations, rousing crescendos and intimate jams. It is no coincidence that they are one of the country's best live bands, trained as they are by their shitload of other music projects.

After their self-titled 2015 debut album, they released their second release, Old Dreams, New Planets, in 2017. Now there is T(h)reats, the third record that took a little longer to release due to a mutated virus. The title speaks for itself: art and music posed a threat, so to speak, during these uncertain covid times. Yet despite everything, STUFF. remains true to their primal DNA, shaped by improvisations and jams: “After hours of talking, philosophizing and fantasizing about what the new approach of the record could be, nothing concrete came up. Then we just started making music to see where we’d end up like we’ve always done. As a result, in this day and age, with this group of people … this is what happened.”

“It’s a really exciting time for music with groups coming through like STUFF.”- Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio 6

“This is what I imagine Flying Lotus’ band to be like.” - Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1

"STUFF. is what you would get when Hudmo and FlyLo would give Alt J their MDMA before going on stage, telling them to sound like instrumental Beastie Boys’ Check Your Head." - Fan quote

“If an energy drink could make music, it would sound like STUFF. “They take strides through the experimental alongside Aphex Twin, have roots that dig the crates for Public Enemy and soul standards set by Pharaoh Sanders. A pleasingly cohesive mish mash that lends itself to the occasional mosh. In the studio they cultivate intelligent sounds but on stage they unleash some hidden funk to get down to.” - Tina Edward / Jazz Standard

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M I M I (dj)

Zambia-born, Brussels-based DJ M I M I (aka Maria Green) explores her Afro-European cultural heritage through art and music. In her eclectic DJ-sets she doesn't pin herself down to a particular musical style, but combines new tracks with old recordings, cosmic electronic sounds with straightforward percussion, experimental and accessible. As a DJ she was also active with Lait de Coco and Martha Da'ro, and once a month you can catch her at The Word Radio.

Thu 14 Oct 2021 20:30


STUK Labozaal


€18 (standard)
€14 (reduction)