Lundahl & Seitl

Symphony of a Missing Room: An immersive artwork adapted for domestic settings in extraordinary times.

“The sound design and the way atmospheres are created with only audio and seemingly minimal light sources is fantastic. It creates a very believable setting that you can almost see and sense. Very impressive.”

Ten years ago, STUK presented together with Museum M Symphony of a Missing Room during Playground. In response to the covid-19 regulations, Lundahl and Seitl created a version of the work to be experienced from within your own bubble.

Symphony of a Missing Room is a digital artwork for two. By alternating between receiving and guiding roles, throughout the experience you will be asked to close your eyes and follow a score of choreographed suggestions. Mobile screens turn into projector lights, whilst a three-dimensional sound in your headphones augments a virtual room - a missing room - shared only between the two of you.

For an optimal experience

  • Switch off all the lights
  • Use headphones, but not wireless bluetooth headphones
  • Environments with a lot of bluetooth devices may make the app disconnect
Wed 5 Aug 2020 20:00 - Wed 30 Sep 2020 23:59


STUK at home



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