Vera Tussing


Can we connect to each other without touching each other physically? Can the imagination create new forms of tactility and connectedness?

T-Dance is a disarming show about contact and connection. German choreographer Vera Tussing has an outspoken ambition to ‘touch’ and be ‘touched’. The moment the dancers touch each other, the audience is drawn into an imagined space of (invisible) tactility. Exploring the senses is a central theme in Tussing’s work: looking, listening and now tactile imagination. Her desire to use body movements to generate an empathic bond is a wel- come counterweight to a world dominated by visual stimuli. T-Dance was premiered at STUK in 2014 and was shown at various festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For those who missed the premiere, grab your chance during STUK START.


choreographic concept vera tussing | choreography and performance ben mcewen, meri pajunpää, zoltan vakulya, vera tussing | artistic collaborators js rafaeli, albert quesada, mariana santos | sound benoit pele, mike picknett | production vera tussing/klein verzet
Wed 23 Sep 2015 20:00
Thu 24 Sep 2015 20:00
Fri 25 Sep 2015 20:00


STUK Studio


Free (reservation required through TICKET@STUK.BE or 016 320 320)

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This performance is part of STUK START, our free opening festival.