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The Hickey Underworld

After a 7-year break, one of Belgium’s best rock bands returns with new, catchy noise (and a touch of autotune).

➤ STUK Labozaal
➤ Thursday 14.09 - 22:00
➤ Concert with open doors, drinks allowed.

The Hickey Underworld is back! The Antwerp band has been on a hiatus since 2016 while the members had fun with other bands (Arabnormal, Borokov Borokov, …) or movies (Welp and H4Z4RD by Jonas Govaerts). This Spring, The Hickey announced an unexpected comeback and a new single: Living on Big Foot. With their blend of noise rock and metal, catchy guitar riffs and spicy screams they won Humo’s Rock Rally 2006. Now they add a touch of autotune for that typical 2023 sound. Curious how The Hickey sound after all these years? Discover it at STUK!


STUK Labozaal