Nadaproductions / Amanda Piña

The Jaguar and the Snake

The Mexican-Chilean choreographer Amanda Piña believes in the transformative power of art. Her performances are like rituals in which the connectedness and energy between performers and audience are essential. The Jaguar and the Snake is the third part of her project Endangered Human Movements, which focuses on dance traditions threatened with extinction. Amanda Piña, Linda Samaraweerová, and Yoan Sorin employ Amerindian iconography, inspired by the hybrid figures that populate the oral and visual traditions of Amerindians. The focus is on bodies in which the animal, human, and vegetable meet and transform. Can this ancestral knowledge in the form of a contemporary performance offer inspiration in commemorating the problematic relationship between man and his environment?

This performance is part of The School of the Jaguar (20 - 22 Mar).
Full programme online early December


artistic direction & choreography Amanda Piña | audiovisual concept Daniel Zimmermann | choreography & performance Amanda Piña & Linda Samaraweerová | paintings, sculpture & performance Yoan Sorín | music Christian Müller | costume & scenography Lise Lendais | light Victor Durán | assistant choreography Ewa Bankowska & Paula Chaves | production Nadaproductions
Thu 21 Mar 20:30 - 10:00 PM
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Fri 22 Mar 20:30 - 10:00 PM
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Workshop with Amanda Piña
We 20 - Fr 22 March
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