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Tien Om Te Zien • Studio STUK opening night

Ten performances to see (and hear): Studio STUK reopens the doors of the iconic Manhattan club

➤ Thu 29.09 - 19:30 (doors)
➤ Studio Manhattan - Address: Kolonel Begaultlaan 21, Leuven
➤ €10


• 19:30 FREE APERO
• 20:15 HANS VAN KOOLWIJK - Balloons (geluidskunst) - 10'
• 20:25 CHARLES ATLAS - Life’s a Beach (videokunst) - 5'
• 20:35 STINA FORCE (concert/performance) - 20'
• 21:00 BRIANA ASHLEY STUART - Becoming Together (dans) - 15'
• 21:25 BODY KNOWS BETTER / SARAH LUTZ & NAÏM BELHALOUMI - Something is cooking (performance) - 15'
• 21:45 DAISY DARKPARK (concert) - 35'
• 22:30 MOONI VAN TICHEL - 40 Falls (dans) - 15'
• 23:00 BOROKOV BOROKOV (concert) - 40'
• 00:00 MIKAMAYONNAISE (dj) - 60'
• 01:00 end

The parcours starts at 19:30. The performances are back to back, so the timetable might shift a little. In other words : come and enjoy the ride!

Presentation : Laurens Mariën & Maya Mertens


Because free drinks :)


Dutch artist Hans Van Koolwijk is a living legend in the sound art world. He made monumental works starting from a fascination for acoustics, movement and space. For Studio STUK Van Koolwijk brings a special performance with 65 helium-filled balloons. A group of musicians lets up the balloons while air escapes via small whistles. The result is a game of rising tones; simple yet effective.

• CHARLES ATLAS - Life’s a Beach

Life’s A Beach (2014/2019) is a short film vignet from Charles Atlas, a pioneering figure in American video and film arts. Shaped by a 30-year collaborative relationship with Anne Lobst from the American feminist performance art duo DANCENOISE, the work was created spontaneously whilst both were at The Rauschenberg Residency, goofing around in the studio. To the playful tunes of Petula Clark’s I Know a Place, we witness Anne running around in tap shoes wearing a swimming hat, dancing and playing with a styrofoam roller.


Stina Force is a one woman punk band. The Vienna based musician and theater maker sometimes kills with a powerful voice, sometimes seduces until exhaustion. Her howls are not bare words; they are fused with spits and fluids, a certain wetness. She uses the hammering of her drums, her voice and body to improvise a live set that is never the same.

• BRIANA ASHLEY STUART - Becoming Together

Briana Ashley Stuart is an American multi-disciplinary artist and a true ambassador of the traditional African-American dance stepping. She uses movement, rhythm and energy to make a connection with her audience and investigates how the history and culture of art forms are connected with the human condition and expression.

In her interactive solo performance Becoming Together she and the audience investigate via stepping how the body can make music.

• BODY KNOWS BETTER / SARAH LUTZ & NAÏM BELHALOUMI - Something is cooking (performance)

Brussels-based performer and artistic do-it-all Naïm Belhaloumi brews up a new performance. For Studio STUK he shares a sneak preview during a short work-in-progress.

#somethingiscooking: an expression on social media used to announce that something spectacular is about to happen. Ironic when you think about the climate change that makes cities like Brussels an oven. Something is cooking indeed; we are. And this performance? That will be the catastophe.


Daisy Darkpark the alter ego of Leuven-based musician and multimedia experimentalist Femke Fredrix. Together with James De Graef (Loverman) she forms the duo Partners, who have played on Artefact Sound. This time she proves herself as a promising solo artist, finding her way through a fascinating sonic world inspired by cabaret, club sounds and dub culture.


40 Falls
is a fragment of the performance Deep Nyx, Mooni Van Tichel's graduation project at P.A.R.T.S Studios (2021). A list of several ways to fall, sort of like an alphabet, was the first movement language developed for Deep Nyx. The alphabet started to lead its own live: Mooni 'danced' it on grass, snow, concrete and the beach. Now she lays, swirls and throws her body on the floor of the Manhattan, until they become one.


Antwerp trio Borokov Borokov brings high energy shows packed with pumping bass, absurd Flemish lyrics and winks at punk, hardstyle and every other genre imaginable. With a load of electronica in front of them, Arne Omloop (Bed Rugs), Boris Van den Eynden and Noah Melis (Shy Dog) bring out the best in themselves and the audience. Their recent album De Verkeerde Fout (2022) is another sympathetic mindfuck, full of musical blasphemy.


Brussels dj Mikamayonnaise combines soft and hard styles, varying from juicy ambient to pumping acid. Melody always prays a key role, and sometimes she builds an entire set on a theme from daily life, such as 'taking a bath' or 'pool party in Italy'. In recent years she has played festivals like Dour and Horst, and she is a resident at Kiosk Radio.

Studio STUK
Dance, Image & Sound in the iconic Manhattan
with De Hoorn

➤ GETTING THERE: The Manhattan is situated next to the Vaart Leuven-Mechelen. / On foot : 20 min from Leuven train station / By bike: Cycle highway F8 and F3 / Public transport: Take the Outer ring road bus (line 600) and get of at stop Engels Plein / By car : parking Vaartkom.

➤ ACCESSIBILITY: The venue is accessible for wheelchair users. The regular sanitary facilities are accessible by elevator. Unfortunately, there is no accessible toilet.

➤ STUDIO CAFÉ: Our café opens at 19:30. Come early, stay late.

➤ SAFER SPACE: Studio STUK aims to be an inclusive space for everyone. We take every form of intimidation seriously. Don't hesitate to talk to a STUK colleague or a person behind the bar - all STUK colleagues wear a fluorescent badge.

Thu 29 Sep 2022 19:30


  • Kolonel Begaultlaan 21
  • 3012 Leuven