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Els Viaene

Ways Of Seeing Sound (performance)

Sound artist Els Viaene makes the medium sound visible in a laboratory full of audiovisual experiments


19:30 deuren + bar + expo Elise Eeraerts en Roberto Aparicio Ronda
20:30 Els Viaene - Ways Of Seeing Sound (performance)

Els Viaene - Ways Of Seeing Sound
(performance, Belgian premiere)

What is sound? What is this material that we can’t see nor touch? Being a sound artist for the past 15 years, Els Viaene started to question her main working material more and more. She always used to observe it as an ‘end product’, a material that she can catch and mold by the use of digital recorders, computers and other objects that she places in between her and the sound. The longer she worked with sound the more she felt distanced from it. How to restore this distance? How to grasp this material that never makes itself visible? These questions where the starting point for her artistic quest into sound at its source, the moment it is shaped. Approaching sound as a physical phenomenon: a vibration, a wave, a variation in air pressure. In a laboratory full of audiovisual experiments, Viaene looks for ways to translate sound into a tangible, visible medium.

Concept & realisation: Els Viaene | Technical assistence: Koen Daems | Video technician: Elias Heuninck | Light design: Simon Siegmann


2 weeks of sound art at Manhattan
05.05 → 17.05
Els Viaene, Mihalis Shammas, Roxane Métayer, Wannes Deneer, Jérôme Noetinger, Stijn Wybouw, Diana Duta, Tom Malmendier & Emilie Skrijelj, Florence Cats

Fri 5 May 2023 20:30


  • Kolonel Begaultlaan 21
  • 3012 Leuven


€12 (standard)
€8 (reduction)