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Whether it is a large-scale building or a piece of furniture, the work of NU architectuuratelier is permeated with craftsmanship. From their very first projects, NU's design process is the result of research in scale models, full-size mock-ups, and experiments with materials. In this process, the fascination for the way things are made is always linked to daily use, and it is exactly this attention to daily use that is the connection to the theme Slow Space.

A clear example is the Huis Perrekes project, an institution providing care and support for people suffering from dementia. This care takes place in a recognisable and as normal as possible environment. A vision that is continued in the master plan, the architecture and even furniture, such as the specifically designed 'cradle bed'. After the lecture, moderator Pleuntje Jellema, researcher at the KU Leuven and author of 'De Luwteplek', will elaborate on how a close study of daily routines can influence the design process.

NU architectuuratelier was founded in 2004 by Armand Eeckels and Halewijn Lievens. NU works on both large and small-scale buildings, designs furniture and interiors, and develops samples and prototypes for its own and for third-party projects. Recent projects include Reconversion of the ICC in Ghent, Reception of the Botanical Garden in Meise, and the Bracops Hospital in Brussels.

lecture series on architecture, urban planning and design

How does slowness manifest itself in space? What does a slow process look like? Can we resist fastness? Can we resist thinking about time and space as a commodity? How to tell a story about slow space? Who are the protagonists (anti-heroes) of this story? Is there a Slow Movement rising? Who are the designers and artists that care about slowness? How do they do it? What is the right slow attitude? The perfect slow setting? Best slow vibes?

PARTNERS: STUK, KU Leuven architecture department, KU Leuven Culture, Existenz / SUPPORT BY: City of Leuven, Flemish government / SPONSORING: FEBELCEM, Vandersanden Group, Media A+ Architecture in Belgium / Graphic design: Buro Bertus

Wed 27 Oct 2021 20:00


College De Valk 01.13 / Tiensestraat 41, 3000 Leuven


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