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Elisabeth Klinck - Picture A Frame

Residency from 11 to 12 and from 24 to 25 April.

“During the residency I want to investigate how my sound world can come into its own in the best way possible, by working with physical space, light, gestures, crowd placement, movement, ... By creating a space and moment where sound can be amplified by what you see and how you experience the space, I want to take the audience into the heart of my sound world." - Elisabeth Klinck

Elisabeth Klinck is a violinist, composer and performer from Ghent. From a background in classical music she bridges the gap to the world of experimental electro-acoustic music. She creates emotional soundscapes with soft prolonged tones, hypnotising patterns, extended violin techniques, field recordings and free improv, searching for a sense of timelessness. In recent years she has collaborated with Miet Warlop, Sarah Davachi, Ben Bertrand and Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, among others. In April 2023 she releases her solo debut album on the Hallow Ground label (known from a.o. Kali Malone and FujiIIIIIIIIIIta). The album was created and recorded in an abandoned village in the Spanish Pyrenees, together with musical partners Oscar Claus. The environment inspired then to silenced, collage-like compositions where time and space can roam freely. During a short residency in STUK Elisabeth will work on her album release show, scheduled for 25 April 2023 in double bill met Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith..