Ephameron - Nooit meer alleen

With Nooit meer alleen Ephameron looks for a (visual) language to portray different aspects of motherhood at the beginning of the 21st century. She makes use of her own experiences and testimonials of others. The changing relations between mother/father/child are made tangible in 18 key moments, such as the symbiosis after birth, traumatic experiences, learning a language and, in the end, detachment. Key elements are the visual symbolism of a.o. the circle and water.

As a part of this doctorate project at LUCA School of Arts, Ephameron is in residency at STUK and Cas-co for Artefact, making a series of 17 consecutive images. Every day of the festival, one of them will be put on a huge billboard next to one of the city's approach roads. That way, passers-by can gradually follow the story that unfolds over the course of the festival.

Ephameron's work talks of the the sensitive side of the world, imaging the intimate and discrete dramas that, together, form a human life. Her experimental graphic novel Wij twee samen (Oogachtend, 2015) tells the story of the loss of her father to dementia. Late 2019 it was translated into English by Penn State University Press. Whitespace, strong lines and a muted colour palette form the key visual elements in her oeuvre.

Ephameron publishes illustrations in a.o. De Standaard, De Tijd, L’Echo and de Volkskrant, and is active as a curator for Grafixx, the annual Antwerp festival for graphic arts. She has a master's degree in Painting and Illustrative Design, and teaches visual storytelling at LUCA School of Arts.

Ephameron is working on a doctorate in the Arts, documenting motherhood in the early 21st century with a graphic novel that focuses on visual symbolism. The project brings together her own experiences and testimonials of others on human relations that shift after becoming a parent.