Farida Amadou & Katharina Ernst

“Together, we are going to explore a new musical terrain made of big sound, distortion and complex beats, always on the edge of control or the joyful loss of it, uncompromisingly true to the moment.” - Farida Amadou

Liège-based bass player and improvisor Farida Amadou is becoming a household name in STUK: during the umpteenth Covid wave she enjoyed a residency here, she recorded a beautiful STUK session video, and played a fantastic concert during Artefact Sound 2021. Now she returns to STUK with Berlin-based percussionist and sound artist Katharina Ernst. Ernst's practice focuses on polyrhythms and a powerful drumming style. She is also active as visual artist, regularly works with theater makers and choreographers, and gives a prominent role to space and movement in her work. Because of the renovation works of the STUK building, their joint residency has beens postponed until fall 2023.