Geoffrey Burton & Sarah Yu Zeebroek

During this residency guitar player Geoffrey Burton and artist Sarah Yu Zeebroek will create an audiovisual performance. They try to find out how the music of Burton's debut album Me Ta Podia can communicate with the visual form language of Zeebroek. The two are partners in art and in life and have collaborated already with the band Hong Kong Dong (together with Boris Zeebroek), but this is their first collaboration as a duo. Zeebroek will try to find a visual response for the wayward guitar music of Burton, who is heavily inspired by electronic music. She wills start from sketches in different forms and techniques, and then translate them into projections with old overhead projectors, live drawings and other forms. It will be a fusion of image and sound - drawings that make sound or sound that makes drawings.

Geoffrey Burton is one of the most prominent guitar player of Belgium, whose unique sound has seen him work with an impressive array of artists - Arno, Iggy Pop, Alain Bashung, Daan, Sophie Hunger, Misia and of course his own band Hong Kong Dong. His debut album Me Ta Podia (the Greek words for foot) is his first under his own name. From opener Siga to closing track Technopolis (a Ryuichi Sakamoto cover), Burton whirls through the pitch black firmament like a dancing guitar dervish. Me Ta Podia is made entirely on guitar and recorded as a performance, but sounds at times like an electronic composition. You almost forget you're listening to a guitar record.

Sarah Yu Zeebroek is a visual artist and musician. Trained as an illustrator, she makes her own work as well as commissions for newspapers, magazines, theatre companies, cultural centres, libraries, museums and musicians. Her work shows the rich imagination of her day and night dreams, often peppered with surreal scenes with a comical edge, but never going for the joke as such.
Together with her brother Boris Zeebroek ( Bolis Pupul, Charlotte Adigéry, The Germans) and her life partner Geoffrey Burton, she forms Hong Kong Dong (since 2006). In recent years she has mainly worked as performer and designer for theatre plays ( The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy, Drie Sterke Vrouwen, Operaar Poephaar, Het Lam van Jan…).