Kara-Lis Coverdale & Leuvens Alumnikoor - SOL

Kara-Lis Coverdale is a composer and musician from Canada. Coverdale’s music is a temporal anomaly, blending the hyper futuristic with sacred histories, informed by her background as a church organist from age 12. Coverdale’s works are multimedial, exploring digital, electronic and acoustic languages with fluidity and ease, often accessing several realities at once. Kara-Lis's compelling compositions are highly dynamic and exhibit a spectral sensitivity, ranging from the intimate and hushed to abrasive and overwhelming. In addition to their solo work, Kara-Lis is a prolific collaborator, having recently worked with Contemporaneous Ensemble, The Amsterdam Cello Octet, Ludens Choir, Actress, Caterina Barbieri, and Lyra Pramuk, while in demand as a concert performer on tour with Big Thief, Floating Points, and Caribou.

Together with the Leuven Alumni Choir, Coverdale presents the second ever performance (and first performance in Belgium) of SOL (2023), a motet for choir in three parts originally commissioned by the Ludens Chamber Choir (NE) with support from the Ontario Arts Council. SOL explores 17thc Estonian folk poetics, new translations of Kepler’s harmonics, and transcendental arrangements of the Taoist Secret of the Golden Flower to weave earthly and heavenly existences. Following SOL, Coverdale will perform a series of Supernatural Aftermaths for electronics.

Premiere during Artefact Sound on February 8.