Karen Willems - Research residency

“I want to investigate and question my experiences in the music world more profoundly. With a research of solo improvisation I'll look at the essence of my playing. I want to fight, explore and better connect with my instruments: drums, percussion, voice, field recordings and everything that can be an extension of that. I'll use time and space, awareness, perception, movement with conventional and less conventional instruments, and investigate free of genres, modes, with daily sounds as a source of inspiration.

In STUK I plan an encounter with Chris Corsano, a drummer and open spirit on the intersection of free jazz, impro, avant-rock and noise. The idea of this planned meeting will excite me, connect us, and I am curious as to where it will bring me."

- Karen Willems

Karen Willems is a wayward drummer. As a child, she played drums in a marching band, later she studied at the academy, and she found her calling as a professional musician after a long period of revalidation. She drums and has drummed in various combos and bands, such as Mauro, Jan Swerts, Zita Swoon Group, Eric Thielemans and Novastar. Karen has her own musical project, called INWOLVES.