Lydia McGlinchey - Textural Tragedy

Textural Tragedy ties together the Gothic novel, heavy metal/scream singing, ‘charge’ and lace, creating a spectacular yet horrifying performance. I am interested in themes emerging from these influences such as the non-natural, negative, obscene, and wondrous, aiming to construct an aesthetic which emerges from the collision of these influences.

Large-scale lace work made by McGlinchey & Vloeberghen in partnership with the TEXTURE museum, Kortrijk will fill the space like Gothic chandeliers.

In the spirit of the Gothic novel we re-enact and pervert everyday figures such as Mother, Daughter, Dog, Freedom and Nature. Recasting innocence, we unearth the inherent brutality residing in the world as we know it.

The work takes advantage of the tipping point between the figurative and the abstract (when does Dog become Monstrosity; how does Mother become Malice). Textural Tragedy praises abstraction as a place of wonder where the clarity of representational paradigms collapses and new worlds come into being.

Lydia Mcglinchey (°1998) was born in Sydney, Australia of Peruvian-Irish descent. She works as a performer and maker, living in Brussels. Lydia is trained in dance/performance, yet she frequently works with textile/fibre art.

Lydia's stage work FERAL was presented at Theatre VIERNULVIER and Kaaitheatre, and BUDA KunstenCentrum and performed by Nathan Ooms, Estefania Alvarez Ramirez, Keren Kraizer, and Mario Barrantes Espinoza. Lydia has presented her solo work And again in things in BUDA, Kortrijk.

Lydia studied in P.A.R.T.S where she received her MA in choreography and training in dance.

Lydia worked with Alix Eynaudi on Noa+Snow presented in Tanznacht Berlin and Wien Modern. Lydia works with Simon Van Schuylenbergh on his project Ne Mosquito Pas and is a co-researcher on his work ‘Dark Habits’. She performed in The Honey House by Nathan Ooms, presented at Het theatre festival, Ghent International Festival and in the Love At First Sight Festival. She performed for Stefa Govaart in Fang presented at Wiels. She presently performs in the work of Mischa Goldberg and Rosie Sommers German Staatstheater presenting at Beursschouwburg, Toneelhuis, LesHalles, and Viernulvier.