Nat Gras - heel-huids

heel-huids will become a dance performance for toddlers, parents and other curious people.

For young children, skin and hair are part of the daily discoveries of you and I. My arm is brown, and yours? I have blonde hair, and you? Once we get older, skin and hair become part of our identity - a lot of things have gotten under our skin, some have grown a thick skin while others have jumped out of their skin. In this performance, the worlds of adults and kids blend easily, and young and old are taken on a ride through a world of strong images and surprising dance.

The residency at STUK is the kick-off of our creation period. We explore the themes and materials we are working with. It's a phase with a lot of open thinking, without constraints like target audiences or practicalities. It allows us to fill our bag with ideas, knowledge and skills that leave the beaten tracks in terms of content, organisation and form.

Nat Gras leaves all frills aside in search of the original expressiveness of dance, creating performances that thrill adults and children alike. Since the start of Nat Gras in 2002, Goele Van Dijck has been the leading artistic force. She created lovely performances such as De Steltenloper, Pommeliere, Speeltijd, Kleefkruid, Schaapwel, Koeiemorgen, MuurtjeMuurtje and Wegversperring.