Oona Libens

Oona Libens is a Belgian-Swedish artist whose work floats between visual and performing arts. She mostly uses analogue projection techniques that are manipulated live. By means of diverse light effects and a sound score that is closely intertwined with the image, she creates a primitive universe reminiscent of object theatre, an analogue virtual reality. She sets up a dialogue between older and contemporary media phenomena. Her performances Celeste, Nausea, Soma and What is Time? tackled respectively space, the sea, the human body and time. Oona Libens also collaborated with several artists, including the band Razen. Together they created Het Moederkoren, a musical performance that starts from Middle Age hallucinations.

Her upcoming performance investigates the origins of digital, binary technology in weaving and other textile techniques. She works with weaving looms, cobwebs and artificial intelligence.