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Osamu Shichiki - Sharing bodies

Rehearsal week for the creation of sharing bodies, Master project to conclude the MA STUDIOS programme at PARTS in Brussels, which will be presented at Kaaitheaterstudios at the end of May 2024.

Osamu Shichiki (choreography and performance), Ching-Shu Huang (performance), Geraldine Haas (performance) – MA students of P.A.R.T.S., Luis Garay (coaching), Stefa Govaert (coaching)

While it is impossible to see oneself objectively from the outside, Osamu Shikichi tries to capture the reality of oneself through another human being that is composed of the closest materials. Shikichi is interested in identifying and blurring the boundaries of the human body in the process. Born in Japan and started making the performances while doing sculpture and mixed media. And as the performance shifted more focusing on the physical movements and body qualities, Shikichi began working on dance and also became more active in the performing arts fields. Major performance works include "happy ice-cream" (Yokohama Dance Collection 2020), "blooming dots" (TPAM2021 Fringe etc.), "dragging" (Tokyo Arts and Space), "Hyper Ambient Club" (ROHM Theatre Kyoto 2022/ Creative Centre Osaka 2023). Major awards include the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers at Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 etc.