Platform In De Maak - New makers residencies

platform in de maak is a floating structure for and by new makers in the performing arts. In a field with gaps between ambition and possibility of presentation, the platform wants to build bridges to lend a face to starting makers. It builds a network in which new work can be shown and supported and in which space is created for fruitful dialogue.

In the weeks leading up to the 2021 edition of the In De Maak Festival - the festival that never happened (12-14.03), STUK welcomes several new makers for a residency at STUK.

The new makers working at STUK are:

Moneymakers - HYSTERIA
Justine Copette - Entre Deux
Judith Engelen - I'm doing the most loving thing right now by staying away
Hana Kolic & Fergus Johnson - Aperol Protocol Digital Healing Ten
Georgy Chtchevaev
Cinzia Scoglionero - De vaste lijn / The landline
Zoë Demoustier - Unfolding an archive