Raphael Philipe Damasceno Ferreira de Moura - Belongingness, music and rhythm

Raphael wants to use a residency in STUK for the development of his solo, inspired by the theoretical research he’s been doing last year, under the name “Looking for a sense of belonging through music and rhythm”. The research he did for this project is focused on his cultural background. He tried to find a better understanding of his sense of identity and he found a great theoretical support in the history of Latin America and Brazil - where he was born. While trying to embody that theoretical research, he found a strong connection with music and rhythm, and he started having the urge to develop those elements in his dance as part of his artistic voice. For this time, he’ll be working alone with the feedback of Samuel Baidoo. Their idea is to start a solo that responds to the physical and emotional heritage present in the body and music. The investigation will serve as a starting point for Raphael’s master’s research at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp DeSingel during 2021-23.

Raphael Philipe Damasceno Ferreira de Moura
Samuel Baidoo (External eye)

Raphael P. Damasceno (Brazil 1992) graduated at the Institut del Teatre Barcelona in 2015 and was a member of the company IT Dansa directed by Catherine Allard. There, he had the opportunity to tour nationally and around Europe with works from Jiří Kylián, Ohad Naharin, Alexander Ekman, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Rafael Bonachella. After that, he had a great interest in the Belgian Contemporary Dance scene and started a bachelor in contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp, where he had the chance to perform with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Needcompany and Vera Tussing among others, apart from developing his own work. He is currently touring ‘Another Sacre’, a piece created together with Alain Platel and Bérengère Bodin with the 3rd year bachelor students, and he is about to start the Master in Dance at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp in collaboration with DeSingel.