tout petit - Niet Vallen

Niet Vallen is Tout Petit's sixth dance performance for young audience of four years or older. Artists Ciska Vanhoyland and Lies Cuyvers developed an artistic universe that challenges young and grown-up audiences alike. With Tout Petit's previous creations, Vanhoyland and Cuyvers were both choreographer and dancer. This time they develop the chalk lines for the creation and the basis for a dance research. Cuyvers will then deepen the research with three dancers, while Vanhoyland focuses on the music.

TEAM: Lies Cuyvers & Siska Vanhoyland

Tout Petit is a dance company from Leuven and Hasselt that creates performances for young audience. They make the fundamental choice to create dance for the very youngest, pushing artistic boundaries and focusing on the dialogue between scenography, dance and music. This scenography, which is inseparable from the dance, transforms throughout the performance.

Tout Petit chooses for dance for young children, because they have an incredible ability for associative thinking. Movement, including dance, is a very natural means of communication for them. Tout Petit wants to encourage children to further explore that associative thinking and physical communication.